“Mr. Parker and colleagues:

I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Borck Brothers  for taking the time to fit my son, Will Andrie, for a suit last week for his grandfather’s funeral this past Saturday. We appreciate that you were able to make alterations in the very few hours we gave you and I think it looks fantastic on him. As Will is a student in Kansas State’s business school, I know he will refer his friends to you when it is interviewing time at the school. 

Again thank you for your help from the George Andrie family.”

     Gina Andrie

Dear Mr. Parker,

“oday I visited your store for the first time.  I was actually going in for some alterations on a suit that I had already purchased from Dillards and thanks to Larry Hein, I left with a different suit that actually fit.  He took the time to talk me through all aspects of having a suit, from the proper fit, to care, to how best to travel with it for my up coming interview.   No idea what he gets paid but it’s not enough!  Thanks very much for everything you and your team do.  Already looking forward to buying my next suit.”
     Marc Woods

“Excellent and professional men’s clothing store. All of the professionals here will work with anyone, in any capacity to meet your event needs and requirements. Browse, look around for accessories, try-on any item, get fitted. Get ready for the office, dinner, black tie or, a casual, a casual backyard gathering, vacation or, the beach. Great selection, great brands, great business.”

     Douglas W. Plummer

“The staff was very helpful. I feel like the suits are reasonably priced. I would shop here again.”
     Owen Washburn

“Went in in the morning needing a suit for the next day. I do not have the most traditionally easy to fit body. By the end of that day I had what I needed, tailored and at a price I cannot complain about at all. I’m not sure they could do that everyday but they could when I needed them too. They will be my new go to place for clothing.”
     Bruce Blackman

“Borck brothers is great! Their selection of clothes – from formal to more casual stuff – is excellent. I really appreciate the staffs help and attention and it’s pretty awesome that they will tailor whatever you buy so it fits perfectly.”
     Jeff Sackrider