What’s your style?

To most guys, a shirt is just a shirt. You go to your closet, pull out whatever shirt is hanging in front, and throw it on. It’s certainly a good day if you take time to iron the gigantic wrinkles out of it before you wear it.

But do you know the difference in dress shirt styles? In today’s “anything goes” world, you may say that it doesn’t matter all that much. But if you’re the type of person that likes to do things the right way, take these thoughts into consideration.

Button down collars

Shirts with button down collars are actually a more casual style of dress shirt. Typically, these aren’t worn with ties, but rather are worn underneath sports coats, sweaters or on their own. Great example, my shirts in the A.K. Statesman line.


Hidden button down collars

Hidden button down collared shirts have the buttons underneath the collars so that they don’t show. These shirts are casual as well. They are great for guys who don’t like the style of the button down collared shirts, but still want their collars to stay down.

photo via ScottBarber.com

Spread collars

Spread collared shirts are more dressy, and are typically worn with a ties and/or suit. There are several different “widths” of spread collared shirts as well. The preferred style depends on the person.

photo via ScottBarber.com

Other style considerations

More than just collar type, button down shirts have evolved in fitting style as well. Guys today are wearing slimmer cuts of shirts. This is especially true for wearing sport shirts on their own, without a jacket. As far as fabric types, cotton shirts are in style, as they are soft, comfortable and breathable.

So tomorrow when you pull that first shirt out of your closet, take a moment to consider your style. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be dressing like a K-Statesman in no time!

Jordan (25)