Designing your office like a K-Statesman

My home office is a great place to get work done, but also to enjoy my K-State memorabilia. Here’s a list of the perfect items to decorate your office like a K-Statesman:

1) Framed K-State diploma. A great way to show your appreciation for your alma mater.

2) Bill Snyder Family Stadium picture. Panorama’s of the new West Side Construction are out. But, it’s always great to remember BSFS in it’s original glory.


3) Framed jerseys. Preferably autographed.

4) K-Stater magazine. Great read for yourself, as well as guests.

5) Autographed K-State football and/or basketball.


And if you really want to have a K-Statesman office…

Single_chair_side_2 001


Jordan (25)