New places to visit in Manhattan during K-State homecoming week.

If you’re back for K-State’s homecoming this week and you haven’t been to Manhattan in several years, you may be surprised at all that has changed! Manhattan is growing by the day, and new buildings and houses are being built even faster. There are so many new places to see during your visit to the Little Apple that I’ve narrowed it down to a few ‘must see’ sites.

  • One ‘place’ you might see on your way IN to Manhattan (if you’re coming from the west) is the new highway. The new highway leading into Manhattan makes it much quicker and easier on gamedays with its four lanes.
  • The old grain elevator at the corner of Denison and Kimball is now gone, making way for NBAF.
  • Colbert Hills has been booming recently, with new homes and apartments going up by the day.
  • The east side of Manhattan has changed dramatically in the last five years also, with the addition of restaurants, shopping, new hotels and the Flint Hills Discovery Center.

K-State has underwent many changes and additions on campus too. Some changes you need to see are:

  • The new parking garage at the Union was built, giving much more parking space for students and faculty.
  • K-State Leadership built a brand new, state of the art building for classes.
  • This summer, K-State just finished remodeling the ‘Old Stadium’, including a new track and field.
  • Jardine has finished its remodeling of apartments and complex, and now has a restaurant called “JD’s” to eat at.
  • The Rec Center is in the final stages of its remodeling, and is now bigger and will feature a quarter mile track when complete.
  • Last year K-State completed construction on their new basketball practice facility for their men’s and women’s basketball programs. The facility is located right next to Bramlage Coliseum.
  • The new K-State rowing facility is in the final stages, and is located on the East side of the football stadium.

With so many places to visit, you’ll want to devote at least a half of a day while you’re in Manhattan to explore. K-State and Manhattan are continuing to expand at a rapid pace, so be sure to make it back more often to see all of the changes happening!


Jordan (25)