New K-State College of Business

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Next Friday, Oct. 25th at 10:45 a.m. K-State will be breaking ground on the new College of Business building. Construction on the new building will not actually begin until Fall 2014, and the project’s estimated cost is around $50 million. The new facility will include such amenities as meeting rooms, financial trading rooms and computer labs. To learn more about the building itself, you can visit K-State’s page at

What does the new College of Business building mean for K-Staters? First, it shows that K-State is doing more to build the University than just constructing new sports complexes. As part of the 2025 initiative, K-State is advancing itself as a nationally recognized University, which will help bring some of the brightest students to K-State. To help with this goal, the College of Business is also fundraising scholarship money to attract these new students.

Preparing students for the business world when they graduate may be the most substantial effect of the new building. Along with the amenities of the new College of Business, K-State is working on hiring and retaining top business professors. Students in the new College of Business will have excellent teachers, along with the tools and technology they need to become prepared for post-graduation. The new building will include interactive classrooms, making it as close to a true business environment as possible. The overall hands-on approach will give K-State business students a great education and understanding of what business is about.


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