Stay connected with K-State alumni

Tough loss for the Wildcats this weekend in Stillwater. K-State fought hard, but in the end made a few too many mistakes. I’m excited to see them take on the red-hot Baylor Bears next Saturday at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

Being part of the K-State family is extremely gratifying. Along with watching K-State succeed in sports, it’s enjoyable to see the college grow and become nationally respected. I am proud of my alma mater. K-Staters continue to care about the university long after they graduate. Not only do K-Staters donate generously, but they also do a great job of keeping up with other alumni. Here’s how you can stay connected with alumni after you have left K-State and Manhattan.

  • K-State blogs and social media groups. Thanks to the invention of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to keep in touch with people. There are several K-State blogs, as well as groups on Facebook, Google+ and other social networking sites where you can chat with other K-Staters.
  • Department open houses and newsletters. Most departments at K-State do a wonderful job of informing their alumni of events and happenings within the department. Open houses are another excellent way to reunite with alumni that have the same degree as you. I strongly recommend visiting an open house if you can make it to Manhattan during one! You can also donate to your college, and they tend to keep you even MORE ‘in the loop’!
  • Catbacker clubs. K-State Catbacker clubs donate and raise money for student scholarships. There are dozens of Catbacker clubs all over the United States. Check to see if there is a Catbacker club in your area, and become involved in their events. The Catbacker clubs enjoy getting together to watch K-State games too, which is one extra way to maintain relationships with other alumni.
  • Homecoming. Of course the idea of ‘homecoming’ is to bring alumni together in Manhattan. If you can make it to homecoming weekend, there are numerous activities and opportunities to get up to date on K-State and other alumni. This year K-State’s homecoming is October 20th through the 26th.
  • Personal contact. After you graduate, make it a point to stay in contact with your friends from college. Life is busy, but making the effort will help you stay better connected with not only your friends, but other alumni and K-State happenings too.
  • K-State Alumni Association. For 17 consecutive years, the K-State Alumni Association has been ranked #1 in participation among alumni for the Big 12. The K-State Alumni Association is therefore one of the best ways to stay connected. The Alumni Association offers numerous benefits, such as discounts to local businesses, events and activities, opportunities to donate and the ‘K-Stater’ magazine. Their biggest draw, the ‘K-Stater’ magazine has incredible articles about K-State and its alumni. The magazine also has a large ‘class notes’ section, which details events, jobs, marriages, births, deaths and more of K-State alumni by graduation year. Visit their website at for more information.

If you’d like to know more about staying connected with K-State and its alumni after you graduate, email me at


Jordan (25)