What NOT to do when trying to look classy

What NOT to do when trying to look classy

I’ve always tried to be a fashionable, classy kind of guy. You’ll often find me dressed to the nines and always wearing my favorite colors, purple and white. I take pride in the way I dress and look, as I am a member of the Wildcat nation.

Through the years, I regret to say, I’ve seen some incredible blunders by people walking out of their homes looking as if they got dressed in the dark. I wouldn’t call myself a fashion ‘expert’, but I recognize distasteful style when I see it. I’ve made a list of ‘what NOT to do’ when trying to look classy.

  • Never wear the same pattern for both your shirt and your tie. I’ve seen distinguished gentlemen look out of place by wearing a wide-striped shirt with a wide-striped tie. Wearing a patterned shirt and a patterned tie is acceptable if the shirt has small stripes and the tie has wide stripes, or visa versa. Mixing two different patterns is also acceptable and can be worn in a classy way, as long as the pattern sizes are different.
  • Never mismatch colors between your shoes and your belt. You’ll draw a lot of attention and look like a fool if you’re wearing brown shoes with a black belt. Always match the color of your belt with the color of your shoes. As for your socks, they should match the color of your shoes and dress pants. If your dress pants and shoes don’t match, choose socks that closely match your dress pants.
  • Avoid out of date fabric materials and ‘cuts’ of clothing. It may have been the ‘norm’ long ago to wear seasonal suits or polyester shirts, but if you dress up in bell-bottoms or Johnny Carson clothing in today’s society, you’ll be a misfit (as well as show your age).
  • Don’t wear clothing that doesn’t fit properly. From your sleeve length to your pant length, you’ll look classy if you make sure your clothes fit properly. Your sleeves should meet at the point where your thumb and wrist break. As for your pants, they should touch at least the top of your shoes, but no so long that they are baggy.
  • Never expose what is meant to be hidden. Yes, the biggest ‘uh oh’ of all may be showing off features that aren’t meant to be seen. To illustrate, I never leave home without my lucky purple underwear on. However, I don’t feel the need to show off my undergarments for all to see. ALWAYS be mindful of what you’re displaying to the public, as no one wants to see your chest hair either. The same goes for your socks, unless it’s flooding outside.

Stay looking sharp by following these few simple guidelines. Who knows, someday you may just be as fashionable as me!

Jordan (25)