Faithful to our colors | K-State purple & white wherever you go


You roll out of bed, walk to your closet and select your clothes for the day. If you’re a proud K-Stater, it’s likely that part of your outfit will honor your school. Whether you pick out a shirt with a Powercat, a purple tie or a K-State watch, you’re representing your loyalty.

It’s one thing to showcase your K-State pride on a gameday in Manhattan. What’s more remarkable is the percentage of K-Staters that wear purple and white in their everyday lives. We’re talking about more than just wearing a “National Championship” or “Conference Championship” t-shirt, as many other fans around the country do for their school. K-Staters choose to wear clothing representing their entire school and education, not just the sports aspect of it. There’s a lot to ‘brag’ about for us Wildcats.

When you travel to a different part of the country, how often do you run into another person wearing K-State attire?  Probably often. You create an instant bond with the other individual, often sparking discussions on K-State sports and reminiscing about your time spent at K-State and the friends you made. What a small world it is when you run into another K-Stater and you both have mutual friends or acquaintances!

Other universities around the country have passionate fans and alumni, you can be sure. But when you meet someone wearing K-State apparel, you get a sense of home. You know that there’s another person near you that you can reach out to, as we K-Staters like to help each other out.

So wherever you go, make sure that you identify yourself as a member of the K-State family by wearing your purple and white. You’ll almost certainly never be alone.

We’d like to know how you display your K-State pride while traveling or in your everyday life. Feel free to drop us a comment about your style or experiences!

Jordan (25)