The beginning of a new style: A.K. Statesman, the story.

You may meet A.K. Statesman today; you may meet them tomorrow. You’ll know it when you do. Who is A.K. Statesman?

A.K. Statesman [pronounced: A K-Statesman]

That’s right, it’s any person you meet that supports their K-State purple and white with pride. So how and why did A.K. Statesman begin with their new line of distinguished apparel?

A.K. Statesman’s goal is to offer the loyal Wildcat fans high quality clothing that is not mass produced. Our products are designed in the heart of Wildcat land, Manhattan, KS. They are offered in limited quantities, so as to differentiate yourself as A.K. Statesman. If you’re A.K. Statesman, you won’t just “blend in” with the crowd!

The designs in the A.K. Statesman line are different than other products on the market. A.K. Statesman wants to be portrayed as the person they really are, proud and sophisticated. Our styles and products are carefully selected by clothiers who are experts on K-State and their fans.  No matter where A.K. Statesman goes or what activity they are doing, they will have an outfit that is suitable for the occasion. We also designed the line of apparel to be timeless; A.K. Statesman can wear their clothing each year without worrying about being out of style.

One of the greatest advantages that A.K. Statesman offers is the ability to purchase their products from anywhere (with Internet access of course!). With our easy to use website, you don’t have to live near Manhattan to dress like A.K. Statesman. We invite you to browse our website, view our products and check back as we plan on expanding our product line continually.

Now that you know a little bit about A.K. Statesman, it’s easy to see how you can distinguish yourself among the crowd. The only question you need to ask is “am I A.K. Statesman?”

Jordan (25)