5 Yards at a Time

K-State has numerous departments, more than 250 majors to choose from and excellent faculty members that help prepare our graduates to succeed after their college days. But the person you may be able to learn the most from at K-State doesn’t even teach in the classroom. In fact, you don’t even need to be a current K-State student to gain life lessons from him. Who is it? Of course, coach Snyder.

We all know of coach Snyder’s 16 goals that he preaches to his football team week in and week out. But what does it take for YOU to apply those goals and be successful?

Anyone that has watched a Bill Snyder coached K-State team knows our strategy; keep grinding away 5 yards at a time. Coach Snyder knows that if you move the ball 5 yards at a time, you will reach the end zone more times than not. It doesn’t take 30 yard plays to score. Goal #14, consistency.


Life is the same concept; if you can execute the small tasks of your everyday life to perfection and with consistency, you will no doubt be on the road to success. You will also find as you’re doing the small tasks with consistency that greater opportunities will present themselves as a result. It’s these opportunities that can help propel you to the next level, no matter what the situation.

Overall, coach Snyder’s methods have not changed since he arrived at K-State in 1989. In fact, coach Snyder is so consistent that you’ll find him wearing the same jacket on the sidelines, whether it’s 105 outside or it’s snowing. If you can become consistent every day and “gain 5 yards at a time”, you’ll find yourself on the road to success. And if you’re in need of a lucky piece of clothing to wear each day like coach Snyder, I have you covered in that area too! [see lucky shirt].


Jordan (25)